The greatest nothing at all*

MOGAMBO is the title of this picture as well as a moving picture of John Ford (may he rest in bliss) supposed to mean "the greatest", but in fact meaning nothing at all. Nice one, that, ey?

Left in front you can see "Honeybear" Kelly. Or, in actual fact, whatever you can and like or need to see there. 

Admittedly i don't really want to sell this beauty … i just finished snuggling in it's specially designed frame, all wood & hand painted laquer … the pict itself is printed on foil, glued to glass, backed up by softly shimmering waxed paper … ah! But i have to serve the public! So i'll just go and hang it at the exhibition. Right … NOW! (Timely announcement for once as wel, ha!) (still here, enjoying Mogambo) (ok, off now!)

                                              this path leads to

hier geht's zu 

meiner wilden Seite / my wild Site

... einer Art Rumpelkammer.

 ... a sort of cubby.


Übrigens wird dafür ein neuer Tab

geöffnet, sodass der Rückzug gesichert ist.

A new tab opens to that side,

so there's no danger to get lost in the jungle...





Kunst um Alles willen / Art for All's sake