Es waren zwei Königskinder...



Volksballade, ursprünglich aus dem 15. Jhd. So alt und ehrwürdig, kitschig, tragisch und lieblich. Und obwohl es reichlich ernsthafte Darbietungen von anerkannten Chören gibt, gefällt mir diese seltsame kleine Umsetzung aus einem Kindergarten am besten.



there were two royal children

that were of each other so fond

but they could not come together

in between was a very deep pond


"oh dearest, cans't thou not swim?

so swim over here to me!

I will light two brightly candles

that will show the way to thee!"


This was heard by a false nun

who was feigning sleep

she doused both the candles

the prince, he drowned so deep


A fisherman fished for a long time

until the body he had

"Now see thee, sweet young lady,

here is you're princely lad"


She took him in her arms then,

she kissed his lips so dour

her own sweet heart was broken,

she died that very hour.